Dreams Cabaret El Paso is an el paso strip club. Is Dreams Cabaret still open? Yes it is still open even though they aren’t good at advertising.

Once you arrive at the location it is also ominous. You have to park in the back of the club and it is not clear which entrance you go into. You go into the door to the far right. It doesn’t have a door knob so on some nights it might be weird finding the entrance. Parking is free so that is a plus.

The setup inside of Dreams is pretty spacious. A lot of the furniture is busted up and outdated, but at least there is a lot of room. You have to go to the second floor to get lapdances which is pretty nice since you can get a lapdance in privacy versus out on the floor. I think this gives Dreams an edge over Bucks Cabaret. Buck’s is brand new as of this writing, so everyone and their grandma goes to Buck’s. On top of that Bucks is about the size of your grandma’s living room, so it is pretty awkward to be in there with a ton of dudes.

Type of Strip Club?

Dreams cabaret is an all nude strip club. This means that the women get completely naked when dancing on stage and during lapdances.

What is the cover?

Cover is $25

Other fees?

Yes, you have to pay $10 to get to the lapdance area.

Are there discounts


Yes, on Tuesdays you can get discounts on topless only lapdances. They are $5. Cover is also $5. Make sure to check out there social media to stay on top of discounts and whether they are still relevant. 

How much are the lapdances at dreams cabaret?

The lapdances are $30 for all nude and $20 for topless.

Does dreams cabaret serve liquor?

No dreams cabaret is a BYOB since it is all nude. This means that you have to bring your own liquor beer.

What is there social media? 

@dreamscabaretelpaso is their instagram handle. Their social media isn’t super active, but it does have good quality photos. The photos are much better than the actual club, but it does show the quality of the dancers at the club. Not all the dancers pose for pictures on instagram. There are many more once you get to the club.