Bucks cabaret El Paso looks like a really nice club from the outside. It has a fancy sign and good advertising.

It is the most well polished strip club in El Paso.

The problem is that it is run poorly. I’ve also had multiple issues with dancers there which is the worst part.

I previously wrote about how the strippers in El Paso aren’t that scammy, but I’m now taking that back. Buck’s cabaret has a scammy stripper problem.

For people that frequent strip clubs, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Strippers usually do try to scam one way or another. They get you to drink more. They get you to put your card down for something, and it gets overcharged.

Well I’ve now had problems with strippers on multiple visits to Bucks. I’ve gone back to the private room where they do dances and strippers have tried to scam me. They tried to charge me for more dances than they gave. They do this because most customers are drunk, so they think they can get away with it. It’s not all strippers, but it is more than one. I think there are multiple that came up with this strategy, so their little crew of friends all try to do it.

They don’t scam by saying it was one or two dances more than they gave. They try to say it was multiples of the dances they actually provide. They really do swing for the fences.

The one good thing about Bucks is they have a huge sign in the private room that says $25 a song. You can point to that sign when strippers try to scam you.

Bucks just isn’t worth the hassle of having to deal with it.

It’s  a small club that gets crowded easy. Management and the dancers only pay attention to VIP booths. The dancers aren’t the best either. Why wait around trying to get dances from women that don’t want to make money.

You can counter this scam by asking questions before you start getting dances. You can ask how much each dance is before you starting getting dances. You can also ask what song you are on while you are getting dances. You shouldn’t have to do this but that is how you avoid getting scammed at Bucks Strip Club El Paso.

There is also management at the front of the vip dance room. They might be willing to help you out with any disputes with dancers. The dancers have to pay that person out so that’s why I think they try to scam customers above the dances that they give. Strip clubs in El Paso get busted all the time, so I don’t think management would approve of this. I also don’t think many customers bring it up.

It’s a terrible culture to have at a club. Why would people want to come back to a place where you get scammed for showing loyalty.