I have a problem with El Paso strip clubs.

The problem is that they aren’t run very well. They aren’t customer service oriented.

The main area this shows up is with the dancers. The dancers will often times just be sitting around or chilling with customers that aren’t paying them for anything.

This makes it harder to get lap dances and harder to have fun. You will see it if you go to a club. The women will all sit down together or stand around together instead of going around and asking for dances. Now this might be because customers don’t pay well here, but I think they should at least make an effort.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of them do make the effort but many of them don’t. This means less fun for the customer and also less money for the strippers. A lot of this comes down to ownership too. If ownership helped train them on how to make more money, this wouldn’t be an issue.

You might say this is normal, but I’ve been to some of the biggest clubs in the country and this is not normal.

There are other issues with clubs in town but this is the biggest one right now.

The good thing is if you are an attractive dancer in El Paso, you can make a lot of money. I’ve seen chicks with tons of plastic surgery make all the money in Buck’s cabaret because they are attractive and ambitious. They do whatever they want because they are so attractive compared to other dancers. This means they chill when they want to and relax. They don’t have any competition.

How do you plan for this? If you want a dance from an attractive dancer, you have to tip her on stage and ask her to give you a dance once she gets down.