If you are an enterprising young lady or man, you might be wondering what strip clubs are hiring near me in El Paso, Texas.

Well we know of at least two strip clubs that are currently hiring in El Paso, Texas. They are

Bucks El Paso

Dreams Cabaret

We know for sure that Bucks Cabaret is hiring in El Paso because they have a huge banner outside that says that they are always hiring people. This is most likely because they are open 365 days a year from 11am until 2am.

We know that Dreams Cabaret is hiring because they frequently post that they are hiring on instagram.

As you can see from the instagram post they are hiring dancers, bouncers, bartenders and waitresses so there are plenty of opportunities.

You have to message them on instagram or on facebook.

They also say that no experience is necessary which is a good thing for many people looking to enter the strip club industry.

Dreams Cabaret is located at 13295 Gateway West in case you want to inquire in person.