Are you thinking about going to Bucks Cabaret in El Paso, TX? Are you thinking about just walking in and having a good time?

There are some things that you should know before you go to Bucks.

First you should read our overall review of Bucks Cabaret.

If you read that, you will know that this is a tiny club. To me that is the biggest factor about whether you have fun in this club. You need to have a strategy to deal with that. One of those strategies might be getting a VIP table so that you don’t have to worry about whether there are enough open seats.

The weekends are going to be the busiest here. This means Fridays and Saturdays. If you are going one of these days with a large group, make sure to schedule something ahead of time. You can dm the managers on instagram to get something scheduled.

If it is just two of you or yourself, then you can usually find a spot somewhere. You might have to awkardly sit pretty close to someone else though.

Sitting at the Bucks Cabaret bar

Should you sit at the Buck’s Cabaret bar? I think sitting at the bar at Bucks Cabaret in El Paso, Tx is a valid strategy if you are by yourself or with one other person.

There is a dancing stage right next to the bar, so you can see and tip dances that are right next to you. Another benefit of sitting at the bar is that dancers talk to you more at the bar because you are more isolated. It is pretty awkard but it is better than sitting on the floor in my experience. Sitting on the main floor in Buck’s is a better viewing experience, but I feel like less dancers approach you here. This isn’t the case in most strip clubs but here it is.