Buck’s Cabaret in El Paso is El Paso’s newest strip club. It is also El Paso’s most popular strip club in my opinion. Who knows if it is but all you have to do is go in there on a weekday and compare to any other strip club in town.

This is most likely because it is the newest club but also because El Paso doesn’t have high quality strip clubs like most other cities. It’s also closer to the city center than Dream’s or the Red Parrot which makes it more appealing.


The cover charge depends on the day. Most days it is $12. Again this could change on the day.

Size of the club

Ok let’s talk about the Elephant in the room about Buck’s.

An elephant could not fit inside of Buck’s Cabaret El Paso.

It is too small. I understand why. It’s hard to invest in a strip club during the pandemic. You don’t know if you are going to get people to show up. You don’t know if there is really any strip club market in El Paso.

This club is way too small!!! You go to a strip club to see women. Not to be packed up on top of other dudes. That’s where Bucks falls short. Another issue with the size is that Bucks serves liquor. Serving liquor makes people move around a lot and use up more space. They are less aware of their surroundings. This makes it even harder to pack into the small space that Bucks has.

The Women

The women at Buck’s are top of the line. If you are ok being inside of packed club, then it is well worth it. Some days are better than others though so make sure to keep that in mind. It also matters the time of the day that you go.

If it’s not a good night or day, just bail and save your money for a good day. Not worth wasting $25 a dance on women you don’t like.


Lapdances are $25 here. That’s not a bad price but it can add up real quick. The women do remind you about the number of dances you’ve had and ask whether you want another before starting. I also like the “passion” that the women at Bucks put into their lapdances. I’d give the lapdances here a 5 out of 5.

Strippers don’t go out of their way to approach you though so keep that in mind. I think this is just an El Paso thing. If you want to get approached, then tip them on the stage or approach them when they are standing around.

You get your lapdances in the champagne room. The champagne room is just a small room off the main floor with little chairs where you get your dances. The chairs are in little cubicles.