You should you become a regular at a strip club?

First off what is a regular?

A regular at a strip club is someone who is a regular customer. This means you come weekly or more often. Maybe you even come biweekly.

You might be thinking – “Wow that sounds awesome!!!” or maybe you are thinking — “Wow that sounds creepy!!!”

Many people don’t become regulars at a strip clubs because they think it is creepy. You might be seen as creepy by strippers if you are actually creepy; not because you come often.


They love regulars because it means they can predict their income. If you are a regular PAYING customer, strippers love you.

How to become a regular

Many strippers will ask you how often you come in. They don’t ask this because they want to figure out whether you are a creep or not. They ask this because they want to figure out if you come on the days they work.

You can also ask strippers what days they work.

Once you figure out the days your favorite strippers come in, then you can come and see them.

Many strippers in El Paso work on the weekends because they have other jobs. This is what makes strippers in El Paso different from other cities. Stripping isn’t their only job.

Strippers in El Paso that do try to make it their job will most likely do it during the week.

Many strippers only come in on one day of the week. They might come in only on Friday or Saturday or maybe even one day during the week.

Another way you can tell that strippers love regulars is that they often sit with regulars for long periods of time. You might be wondering why strippers sit down with certain people for so long. This is because those people come in often.